Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Old Lady Rocking The Buns

A bad hair day quickly became a good hair day when I tried the double buns from Happy Together.

Madison said, "If you keep wearing your hair up people will think you're an old lady." I replied with "Wahuh?!" and a "pbbbtt!"  I've worn my hair up 3 times in the last month! When I put my hair up and put on lipstick I feel sophisticated, not old.

So, if I look old woman, at least I'm rocking the old woman look with the double buns! At least in my mind where everyday is a good hair day.


Anonymous said...

Wish my hair was long enough to do a bun! That looks so neat and classic! Love it!

Jason, as himself said...

Um....just because I'm a grandpa doesn't mean you have to look like one.

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