Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Discovery

John and I decided to take our children up the canyon for a fall drive. We saw a little turn off where there were several cars parked. We pulled over and discovered a trail. We followed the trail and look what we found!

 Are you kidding me?! 
It was so beautiful! 
We discovered a piece of heaven on that mountainside.
On the hike up we used the binoculars to scan the valley.
Devin said,
"You can see the whole city!  The birds would love it here!" 
So cute!  And then he asked me to take a picture of the "whole city."

Devin got a bit tired on the hike and curled up for a rest on a slab of granite.

Oh, my babies are so beautiful!
And finally, we asked a fellow hiker to take a family photo for us.

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Lacking Productivity said...

Cameron looks so cute in those pictures!

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