Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who Would You Choose To Mother Your Children?

I once read an article on choosing the mother to raise your children if you were gone. The author said she would choose someone who spoke softly with her children even when they were misbehaving. Which led me to ask myself, am I the woman I would choose to mother my children?

At times, yes. Other times, not so much. The long summer days can lead to grumpy children who argue. And at times, this mama joins them. Regret. Guilt. Do I have any thoughts I've had about my children or actions I've taken toward them?

Thankfully, I can always choose differently. I can ask for forgiveness and change my ways. I want to be the mother I would choose for my children.

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Lacking Productivity said...

Questions like that can be so eye-opening and reflective: Am I the type of wife I would pick for my husband? Am I the type of teacher I would pick for my children? Am I the type of blond bombshell that I would hire for the part of the oversexualized, objectified female co-star in a blockbuster action film?

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