Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ethan's First Day Of Fourth Grade

It's true. Here is Ethan on his first day of fourth grade.
Pure craziness!

Actually, this is Ethan on his first day. I just like his clothes more on his second day. But I choose my battles and let him wear the guitar shirt on his first day. The shirt changes colors in the sun, so no wonder it's his favorite. Stripes just can't compete with color changing guitars.

For the last two years I've driven Ethan to school. I spent two hours a day in the car and $300 a month in gas. This year Ethan is in a school closer to our home. He now leaves for the bus at 8:30 and the bus arrives at 8:34. And it's free! My life is now so much easier!

He is such a sweet little blue eyed boy. I love my 4th grader!

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