Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blessed On The 4th Of July

We spent the weekend at the in-law's cabin riding the ATV's.
It was beautiful!
The fresh smells from the green trees lining the trail was glorious.
Tipping your ATV, not so glorious.
John told me to try to ride through some snow, but the wheels lost traction between the snow and some mud.
Once an ATV starts tipping there isn't anything you can do, even if John says otherwise.
Cameron was on it with me, I am so grateful he was not hurt.
The worst of my injuries is from a seriously big bug that stung me as I waited for the ATV to cool down.
We were blessed on the 4th of July!


janjanmom said...

Glad you are all safe!! That is a wonderful blessing!

McCall said...

So glad you are both alright! Enjoyed catching up on your blog this afternoon. Especially appreciated your tatoo post.....brilliant idea!

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