Monday, June 13, 2011

World Wide Web Of Exercise

Did I tell you our gym closed? Well, they did. The next closest gym is ultra cool but ultra expensive. I needed to do something because my body is not holding up as well as I would like. And I have to pay for my will power to exercise. (Why can't I ever remember how to spell exercise?)
I have several exercise dvd's, but I bore quickly using the same ones over and over.
While contemplating my dilema, I thought "Wouldn't it be nice to be able to download workouts on the internet?" What a fabulous idea! And then I remembered there I never have an original idea in my head so this concept must already exist.
And that led me to Workouts on Demand. Fantastic! I am loving it. Especially the step aerobics and total body toning workouts. It's convenient, holds my interest, and is only about $12 a month. I took a photo of my body after 2 weeks. I wish! This picture is from pinterest, also known as crack in picture form. I can't stop pinning!

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