Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's My Baby Girl's Birthday

It's 10:41 PM and I'm waiting for her to return home.
Times have changed.
I remember rocking her to sleep,
and now I'm waiting for her to return home.
For 16 years I have planned her birthday parties.
But for her 17th birthday she planned a day at Lagoon with her friends.
It's a bittersweet birthday for me.
Sweet that I have the most amazing daughter on this planet.
Bitter that time is running out.
Next year she will be freshly graduated
and maybe moving out.
I love my baby girl and I will always wait for her to return home.


Lacking Productivity said...

Awe! Tender post.
I can't believe she is 17. I seriously thought she was just a baby when I met her.

Jenalyn said...

Crazy she's 17!!! I remember when YOU were 17 and working at ApolloBurgerSupreme!

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