Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cooking Shows

Do you like cooking shows? Are you friends with Rachael Ray or Paula Dean? Do you want to have a throw down with Bobby Flay? I admit it, I love cooking shows. I've also had my own cooking shows in my head. Admit it, you've staged your own show while dicing onions!

My latest favorite cooking show is Anna & Kristina's Grocery Bag. These fun ladies cook from a cookbook in a marathon cooking session. And then they invite a chef to taste their efforts. They film their successes and their flaws. They are also hilarious! I want to cook with these ladies! Because they would laugh along with me at my meat gone wrong and love me just the same.

Not only do I have cooking shows in my head, but I'm best friends with people on TV. I can live with that.

Anna, Kristina.....call me!

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Lacking Productivity said...

I have gone through cooking show phases. I don't have Food Network anymore, so I don't see many these days...I could however roadtrip and try not to fall head over heals in absolute food love with Adam Richmond from Man vs Food. I have a full blown married crush on him.

As for actual chefs from tv (not adorable men who go to small restaurants with food competitions), I am totally old school...and I still love Wolfgang Puck as much as I did as a kid. People say he is rude and the like, but the man has a fantastic life story and the cutest voice ever, so I can't resist.

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