Friday, June 17, 2011

Buy It With Pride

I recently discovered a new podcast called, Joy the Baker. So funny and enjoyable! Joy was saying one should not be embarrassed to buy feminine hygiene ointment. In fact, you should stare your cashier down until they look away when you make your purchase.

I have been buying Monistat. But I don't need to buy it for a chafing problem. I have no chafing, thank you very much. But this gel can be used as a face primer before you put on your foundation. Yes, it can! It's fantastic! Best of all it only costs about $6.00 for a large tube. To buy a jar a quarter of that size cost me $21.00! And it works just as well.

So, next time I buy my feminine hygiene ointment I will hold my head high as I stare down my unfortunate teenage boy cashier. I do believe I'll take my teenage daughter along just for kicks! I'm looking forward to it!

1 comment:

Lacking Productivity said...

Monistat...nice...I am actually way excited to try that...which is probably weirder than putting Monistat on my face.

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