Saturday, May 14, 2011

Read It: The Happiness Project

The Happiness ProjectThe Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

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I actually purchased this book because the hold list at the library was so long. I took this as a sign that this would be a fabulous read. Unfortunately, I found it to be ho-hum. The author Gretchen Rubin decided to take a year to find her own happiness. She started with a list of things that would she could do to bring joy to her own life, complete with a poster. Each month she would take on one of these goals. She would then track her progress. Was she becoming a happier person? Many of her ideas of happiness did inspire me to make changes in my own life. But would Gretchen's happiness project make anyone else happier? Of course not. What makes one person happier does not make someone else happy. But to help you with your happiness project Gretchen has a website to help you make a "happiness toolbox" and to track your own happiness. I will not be doing this. Because tracking anything and making me accountable does not make me happy!

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1 comment:

Jason, as himself said...

That's funny. Just trying to be happier would make you unhappier.

I will be passing on this book. Thank you.

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