Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Man's Productive weekend

My man is always working on a project. The man is rarely still. I lack his level of energy, so at times I find his whirl wind of activity a bit exhausting. Remember, I'm very tired.

This weekend John completed the following:

built a shelf in the garage
(seriously, look at that amazing shelf. It's 9 feet off the ground)
fixed the blinker on my car
took the snow tracks off the ATV
put tires on the ATV
drove 3 hours to his parents cabin
helped clean up the flooding at the cabin
went on a day fishing trip with his friend
continued to clean up the cabin
returned home, another 3 hour trip
replaced the breaking pads on my car
replaced some other car part that I can't remember the name of

And after all that he was frustrated that he did not get enough done this weekend!
He's incredible!

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