Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Don't Get It

Fish Tacos
I don't get it.
Why would anyone combine these two items.
Granted, I have never tried it.
But why would I?
Why would anyone?
It's just wrong!


Kelsey said...

I like salmon tacos! Yum :)

betty said...

first time commenting on your blog; they really are good! I know it makes no sense, but they taste delicious!! try it one time; I don't think you will be disappointed (that is unless you don't like fish.....)


Lacking Productivity said...

Do you not like either one? I have heard legend of people not liking fish, but could anyone not like tacos?!!

But perhaps your palette is not refined enough for the delicacy of fish tacos. Don't worry. Your taste still has time to mature.

Lisa said...

Oh my, fish tacos are the BEST! I have a friend who thought the same as you, until......she tried one. Now she loves them! But then if you don't like fish I could understand!

Katrine said...

I love tacos. And I like SOME fish. But I just can't stomach the thought of the two combined.

Karie said...

I will make you fish tacos....(or have Kira make you some!)
even Paul likes them!
I love them...all of them...the healthy kind and the not so healthy ones!

Katrine said...

Okay, I'll try fish tacos if Karie makes them for me!

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