Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I have been so tired lately. Bone tired. I've decided it's time to do something about it and I took my problems to the place where all problem can be solved. Google.

This is what I've learned.
Fatigue is a feeling of weariness, tiredness, or lack of energy that does not go away when you rest. They understand exactly how I feel!

Drink plenty of water
I can do this.

Be careful with caffeine
This could be part of the problem. Okay, a huge part of the problem. Curse thee Dr. Pepper!

Eat breakfast

Don’t skip meals
Why would anyone do this?

Don’t crash diet
I tried this once. It was the longest 23 minutes of my life.

Eat a healthy diet
I've been doing pretty well with this. There's always room for improvement and more broccoli.

Don’t overeat
I've been really good with this lately.

Eat iron rich foods
I need to eat iron rich foods. The only iron rich food I know of is steak. I don't really care for steak. I'll ask my sister-in-law Heidi about this. She knows everything.

There's also a section on mid-afternoon energy slump. Mid-afternoon slump is so rough for me! I can barely cope when 3:00 rolls around. It tells me to eat protein with carbohydrates for lunch. I'll be having a tuna sandwich today.

The article tells me to contact my doctor for help. What, no google?

I apologize for this dull blog post. Did it put you to sleep? Here let me wake you up with a photo taken by one of my sons yesterday. I'll choose one from the 83 pictures he took in 3 minutes.

Totally worth the read, right?


Lacking Productivity said...

I to have never understood skipping meals either...pure foolishness...I can understand swapping meals though, like having breakfast for dinner...that is genius.

Karie said...

I love your posts, never boring!
Darn that 3:00 slump....as I get older it gets earlier...2:00 for me now!

Jenalyn said...

You crack me up!!

Jason, as himself said...

Maybe you're anemic? Mom was, you know. Maybe you should, after all, go to a real doctor and get a real blood test rather than rely solely on Google.

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