Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome Home James!

A couple of weeks ago we were thrilled to welcome home my brother-in-law, James, from Afghanistan. This is his 3rd tour, but it was the only time we have been able to be part of the celebration. It was awesome! We've all seen the reunions on TV, but to see them in person is a thrill!

There was one family who could not stop sobbing as they threw themselves at their father. And another family greeted their father dressed in military fatigues. The mother and all 5 children rocked the camouflage!

As the soldiers leave and as they return their is a motorcycle club that lines up holding US flags in their leather riding clothes. They bring such respect to the soldiers and families.

Welcome home James! We love you!

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Ami said...

I wasn't at the airport in Michigan to welcome my brother home. (His name is James, too, although he goes by Jim)

He said he was overwhelmed by the people who showed... most of them didn't even know the returning soldiers.

It made him cry.

Welcome home indeed.

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