Monday, April 4, 2011

Jedi Training

Star Wars is a religion for my boys.
Disneyland had Jedi Training.
We could not miss it!
Luckily, Ethan and Devin were selected to get their Jedi on.
Have you ever seen a cuter Jedi?
I think not!

Ethan had a spot up on the stage close to all the action.
This was serious business for Ethan.

I think Devin was one of the youngest padawans
and needed some extra help from the Jedi trainers.

What would a battle be without Darth Maul?

Ethan was first up to practice his skills upon the terrible Darth Vader.
He showed him who was boss!

I captured on video Devin versus Darth!

The training ended with a ceremony of the padawans becoming true Jedi's.

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