Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Give Me Your Finger

On the first day at Disneyland we waited 2 hours for Fantasmic.
Our seats were hard cobblestones.
Did I say we sat for 2 hours?
Totally worth it.
My children would do it again without hesitation.
As we waited Devin sat on his 20 year old cousin's lap and said,
"Josh, I'm hungry. Give me your finger so I can bite it."
The next 20 minutes Josh defended his finger from Devin's ravenous stomach and dangerous teeth!
Seriously? Where does Devin come up with this stuff?
And the minute Fantasmic started Devin fell asleep and didn't wake until it was over.
I have finally found the only thing that will put Devin to sleep is an entire day at Disneyland!

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