Friday, February 11, 2011

Grocery Lists, A Homemaker's Best Friend

I hate grocery shopping. Really hate it. I'd rather do laundry. This guy loves to grocery shop. There have been times I've called him and asked what he is doing. He'll respond in a sing song voice, "I'm grocery shopping. I loooove to go grocery shopping!" Sometimes I swear he's not related to me.

I have discovered a new site that helps you make your grocery list. The site is called Say Mmm. Get it? Say Mmm? ha! It's fantastic! You add your recipes. Then you click on the recipes you want to make a menu for the week or month. It generates your grocery list from your menu. You can delete the items from your list that you do not need to buy and then go shopping! It really is awsome! Best of all, it's free! Go try it, you'll love it!

Do you ever find a lost grocery list at the store? I always pick them up. It's like looking into someone's medicine cabinet! There is an entire site for lost grocery lists. Fascinating!

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