Thursday, January 27, 2011

What I Would Change About My Dog, Zoe Bug Judd the Pug

I took my time choosing a dog that would work with my family. If I were to write a personals add for a dog it would be:
Family looking long term relationship for child friendly dog. Must have short hair, small stature, and like to have fun. Must not bark often, and be willing to house train. Dogs with a bad attitude need not apply.
I found all these requirements in my pug. She is wonderful! She loves my children and anyone who enters the house. She does not bark unless someone is at the door. Or if my husband is standing around the corner knocking on the wall getting her worked into a barking frenzy! Does her smashed in face or her snaggle tooth bother me? Not at all. Anyone can have a cute dog. But my dog with the face that only a mother can love makes me laugh. And laughter trumps beauty any day!

But I if I could change one thing I would happily change her allergy problem. She has skin allergies that require a $30 shot every 3-4 weeks. I hate going to the vet more than she does. The cost, the time, and the smell. What happens if we don't get her shot?

She licks, licks, licks her legs and feet until she stinks, stinks, stinks!
She scratches her ears until she leaves a bleeding mess!
The non-stop licking and scratching sounds can make you slowly loose your mind.
Slurp, slurp, slurp, scratch, scratch, scratch.....Zoe, stop it!!!
But the worst part. The very worst part....
She scratches her bum on my carpet!!
Zoe, stop it!!!
Mama's Losin' It


Emily said...

My cat had a skin allergy. We tried everything (including taking her to a holistic vet) and finally ended up giving her a low dose of prednisone every other day. It was terrible to see her lick, the large red sores, and her fur would come out if you just pulled on it.

Poor puggie. I think she is a cutie pie!

JTWisdom said...

Awwh, she's cute.

Those allergies are something so I am glad you are keeping up with her shots. I know my beagle had a hot spot and we had to take him to the vet because he kept licking and scratching and causing himself to bleed. I would try to put little bandages on him and he would take those off and scratch. He's better now thank the Lord.
Again she's a really cute pug.


Jason, as himself said...

I love Zoe. But dogs are almost as hard, or harder, than children to take care of sometimes.

As for her butt? I think she needs to have her anal sacs cleaned. Such an unpleasant topic.

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