Monday, January 24, 2011

Netflix: What's In Your Que?

We have just signed up for a month of free Netflix. Our plan is to quit Dish Network and only have Netflix streamed through our X-box for entertainment. I have mixed feelings about this change. I am looking forward to the financial savings, but how can I ever survive without DVR?

Are you one of those who sneak through other people's medicine cabinets? I think a lot can be discovered about a person by what they keep behind closed doors. I believe the same is true for what a person has in their instant queue for Netflix. So, let me throw open the doors to my queue and give you a little peek. Do I have a disturbing mix of genre, or is it just a cocktail of a family with different viewing interests?

So, what's in your queue?


Rachel said...

Dead Like Me Rocks! I am addicted to my Netflix! I have not actually watched my TV in a while. Tonight its Toy Story 3, Last week was Sex and the City 2, Shrek (the latest one..)And I have NO kids so go ahead and make assumptions ha ha.

Lacking Productivity said... are missing a few seasons: Community Season 1, 30 Rock Seasons 1-4, and Modern Family Season 1.

Jason, as himself said...

What? No DVR? I can't imagine.

But really, one or the other, not both. We had both for a while and we didn't have time for Netflix, so I canceled.

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