Friday, January 21, 2011

Compost? Never!

Do you have a compost bin? I will NEVER have a compost bin in my kitchen. It's not because I don't want to be kind to mother earth. It's because of the nightmare compost bin in our home growing up.

My Dad always said we did not have money for a garbage disposal. But we had chickens. We would dump any food scraps into an empty 5 gallon ice cream bucket under the sink. It was someone's job to dump the scraps in the chicken coop. It was such a vile job that it usually went undone. The food would just fester until someone (usually my mom) could not stand the smell any longer and would take the slimy bucket of crap to the filthy chickens.


I can't imagine what people thought when they entered our home and smelled our rotting ice cream bucket. The sad thing is, I did not know better. I did not know there was another way until I was a teenager and realized no one else fed their chickens moldy food scraps. I did not know there was another way until I was a mortified teenager!

My apologies to the environmentalist green mother earth lovers out there. I will do my part to benefit the earth. But I will never have a compost bin!


Lacking Productivity said...

I plan on composting when I have a garden...but composted items will be immediately be brought to their final resting place, so you may rest assured.

Unknown said...

We never had one. My Aunt Becky did though. We would take it to the fence and throw the scraps away after supper. Now we have a garbage disposal.

Love your blog header Katrine. So pretty.

Jason, as himself said...

I would be okay with a compost pile if it were neatly contained, far, far away in a remote corner of the back yard, neatly enclosed.

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