Sunday, January 2, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside....You Did What?!

It was 5 degrees on New Years Eve.
That's cold. Really cold.
Madison and her 4 friends walked to the park just before midnight to bring in the New Year.
She said it was because it would be fun.
I think it's because she was hoping to get a New Years kiss from a boy.
"Hey, Madison," said Ally, "I dare you to stick your tongue on that pole."
Being from hot Houston and never seeing a Christmas Story she saw no harm in taking the bet.
Faster than Ally could yell "NO!"
Madison stuck her warm moist tongue on a freezing cold metal pole.
The chance of a kiss passed by.
Lesson received and learned.
Happy New Year!


Lacking Productivity said...

Texas girl. Never seen A Christmas Story. No excuse.

Jason, as himself said...

What? Noooooooo!

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