Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yes, It's My Birthday! Yesterday.

My brother's humored me and met me at Temple Square to see the lights for Christmas. Yeah! I got 4 out of 5 brothers which is quite amazing. I missed you, Jason! It was fun! They even sang Happy Birthday in the middle of temple square. They are terrible singers. But I think it embarrassed Ray more than myself. Bonus!

Waiting for the train.

The following pictures are hysterical! We gathered the entire group for family photos in front of the lights. We took several photos with a few different cameras.

And here is where we see my brother Ben, his wife Ruth, and son Cooper come around the corner. We didn't realize they were missing from our family photos! So funny! Sorry Ben and Ruth!

And here is the complete family photo! Much better! (Thanks Sabrina for taking the pictures.)

And thanks to my man for a great birthday!


Jason, as himself said...

How nice! You even got Ray to join you guys. And they sang you happy birthday? Wow.

I'm sorry I wasn't there. :(

Lacking Productivity said...

It was a ton of fun!
Hope you had a great day.

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