Monday, December 20, 2010

Random Thoughts From My Head. Watch out!

After a lot of thought, advice from others, and one sleepless night between 3:03 AM and 6:15 AM I decided that I simply could not do it! We are taking the mosaic tile back to the fancy shmancy tile place and buying our new tile at old reliable Lowe's. It is beige. One does not lose sleep over beige. The nice (very nice, he even brought doggy treats for my dog) tile man is putting it up as I type this. I will post a picture when it is complete.

Beautiful, flat flakes of snow are falling from the sky. It is the perfect winter wonderland where it covers the land in soft white fluff and yet does not stick to the road. I should take my kids to go sledding. But that is so much work of dressing in snow gear, loading up the sleds, and begging the kids, "Can we go home now, we've been here over an hour!" This is where I insert mother guilt.

From time to time I actually like the fringe I mistakenly cut across my forehead. A lady at church told me I look younger with bangs. Yes, I'm keeping them! I'm told celebrities will wear bangs before they have plastic surgery on their foreheads. I'm not having a face lift. If I had the funds for plastic surgery it would be on my nose. So, if I suddenly start growing long nostril hair you'll know I'm getting a nose job.

Long toenails really creep me out. Even if you polish them and try and convince yourself they are pretty, you are wrong, wrong, wrong! The pedicure lady may tell you different because you pay her to do so! Take it from me, cut those talons! You're welcome.

I want to make neighbor Christmas gifts. I don't want to make neighbor Christmas gifts. I want to make neighbor Christmas gifts. I want long eyelashes.


Jason, as himself said...

No one ever loses sleep over beige. Too true!

I like your bangs, too!

Jenalyn said...

I totally agree with the toe nails.... long is wrong!!

Lacking Productivity said...

I hate hate long toenails too!

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