Monday, December 6, 2010

Ear Warmers

Have you noticed all the cute ear warmers everyone is wearing lately? I love them. Because my big melon of a head is to big for hats! I used the instructions from Delia to make one. True to form I made it to small. Even I underestimate my massive head. So after I altered it to 2 inches smaller I gave it to Madison. It looks better on her anyway.

Isn't she beautiful?

You can find the directions to make the flowers here.
She tried to not laugh at my jokes because she doesn't like her braces. I think they're cute!

I really like this photo. But the snowflake got in the way!
And this one made the Christmas card.



Lacking Productivity said...

Such cute pics!

I have heard so many names for those things from plain old "headbands" to "head scarves."

Unknown said...

So lovely! both the ear warmer and of course, the model! ^^)

Anonymous said...

O, I love that thingamajig on her head!
You have pugs?! I have shar-peis, so cute!

Jason, as himself said...

She is seriously so beautiful.

Karie said...


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