Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Razor Ray's Birthday!

Yes, it is!
My little brother is now officially in his late 30's!
We celebrated at The Olive Garden last night.
Ray, me, Paul, Ben
High of the night: spending time with my bro's, their wives, and my nephew
Low of the night:  Ray losing his Shrimp Alfredo next to his truck.
Best Line of the night:  "You're dating a cougar!" I'm proud to say that quote came from my daughter.
Best cheese of the night:  Cooper.  Seriously, look at that grin!
A Few of My Favorite Things About Ray:

  • Extremely Funny

  • The boy can rock out like no other

  • loves music, including bizarre bands no one has heard of before

  • he's teaching himself guitar

  • he's the "hot one" in the family

  • white teeth, make that very white teeth

  • fearless, he has many concussions and scars to prove it

  • artistic, this is Ray's garage.  Cool, huh?
    Happy Birthday Ray!  I love you!


Elisa said...

I love the 2nd shot :)

Jason said...

Word Press is dumb.

Jason said...

Wait a minute. I thought I was the hot one of the family!

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