Sunday, October 24, 2010


Last night was Homecoming for my darling daughter.
I am amazed at her beauty!

I made the bolero.  It would have been easy enough but I had to adjust the pattern from a size 6 to a 0.  And then I sewed one sleeve inside out!  And then I sewed that same sleeve upside down!  Seriously, where was my head?!

Madison asked me to take pictures of her and her friends.  So much fun!  Sadly, the lighting was so bad, but I did my best!

It was raining which made cute photos!

Remember high school dances?  So fun!



Mimi said...

Wonderful photos, and the umbrella is a great prop.
Good sewing, mom! Size zero, eeek! I remember (hazily and vaguely) being that small.

Kira said...

Fun! I am so glad you posted pics.
She looks fabulous.

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