Saturday, October 16, 2010

Do Not Miss: The Dating Divas

I stumbled across this fun blog last week.  I am using many ideas to celebrate my man's birthday next week.  So much fun!

Madison was asked out to homecoming.  He gave her a basket of goodies with a note asking her to the dance.  Before the invitation Madison had heard of people trashing their dates room asking them out on a date.  She said to her future date that it was mean and she would want a guy to clean her room.  So he also cleaned her room!

To answer him she used string that led all around his yard, up the street, and into a field where he found a poster that said, "I would love to follow you to Homecoming!"  Why did I not take any pictures?  Shame on me!

And now I have 6 days to sew her dress!


1 comment:

Jason said...

This brings back memories. Are these creative asking out techniques a Utah thing? Because I've never heard of them since I lived in Utah, until now.

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