Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Cameron turned 12 on September 11th.  A Preteen.  How did that happen?

12 Things I Love About Cameron

1.  He has the best laugh
2.  The boy knows his way around a computer
3. He can quote every line to the Princess Bride
4. Great at cooking
5. Good at spelling
6. Still wants to be around his mom
7. The first one brave enough to ride his bike down the steep hill next to our house
8. Wants to make the right choices
9. Loves music
10. Wants to be a scientist
11.  Very particular about the order of things
12. My first son!

I love you John Cameron!


Kira said...

I hope he had a great day, even though other things took you (the mom he still likes to be around) away.

Karie said...

Happy birthday to Cameron (a little late)!
Katrine you are blessed with beautiful children!

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