Monday, September 20, 2010


We got home from a trip about 5:00.  There was smoke covering the entire valley.  The mountain our house is on was on fire!  About 8:00 pm we watched the flames reach the top of the mountain and then watch it quickly spread down the mountain in the direction of our home.  The scariest part happened when we watched the flame leap across the mountain and start separate fires.

I packed up pictures, clothing, and computers waiting for word to evacuate.  The neighborhood next to us was evacuated but we were lucky and did not have to leave.  It is an eerie feeling watching doom creep toward your home.  I feel for those 4 families who lost their homes.


Jason said...

Scary! Looks just like SoCal!

Evacuate! « Squibs and Crackers said...

[...] tote. It takes 2 of us to lift it into the car but it came in handy this week thanks to a certain fire that shall remain nameless.  As I was packing a few changes of clothing into the car I found the [...]

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