Thursday, May 6, 2010

Graduation for my Baby Brother

Last weekend I was able to watch my baby brother graduate.  But don't talk to him about it because he'll just remind you for the 53rd time that he still has 3 classes to complete and he's only walking to make his wife happy.  I totally stole this grad announcement off Kira's blog.  It's just to cute and clever not to swipe for myself.

Paul was the very first one to walk across the stage to accept his diploma.
Due to the bad lighting and my lack of photography skills, most my photos look like the graduates attended the school of the possessed.

This is the cutest couple in the entire world.
Someday they will have beautiful babies.

Brother Ben found a graduation scarf in the parking lot gutter.
He wore it.
The Applebee's waiter congratulated him on a job well done.

Nobody sent me the memo that this photo would be a funny one.
Or I'm the only one that ate my Activia which improves your digestive comfort.

Congratulations Paul!  I'm proud of you!
Even if you still have 3 more classes.


Jason said...

Paul ROCKS! I'm glad you were all there. And I love that you eat your Activa! They all look so glum!

I am also quite pleased that Paul got a haircut for the occasion.

Kira said...

Cute pics! Could you email them to me?

I have been wanting to blog it, but as you know, my camera wasn't working. (Boo!)

JLO said...

Yeah Paul! He is married to my sister, you know!

Karie said...

JLO, I didn't get a mothers day present from you :(

I love the Shelton Family!!
congrats Paul (and Kira)

Connie Weiss said...

I think I love funny!

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