Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stand On One Foot

There are days where it is very difficult to get an answer out of the Cameron.  It doesn't matter the question, there is only a blank stare until he comes back to reality and then proceeds to get very frustrated that he can't concentrate.  This happened yesterday.  They were easy questions that I know he knew the answers to.  After about 20 minutes of unsuccessful schoolwork, I asked him to stand on one foot.  I then asked him the question and he immediately answered without skipping a beat, or losing balance!  It was sheer magic, I tell you!

Today I tried it again along with other commands like pat your head, or do jumping jacks while you tell me the 3 times tables.  Brilliant!  This is a trick we will continue to use until he moves out of the house!

Now that he homeschools he also makes his own lunch!


Kira said...

Wahoo! Such a good trick!

Jason said...

Funny how one little thing can completely change the brain's way of working. I'm glad you figured this out.

You should make cleaning toilets part of homeschool, too.

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