Thursday, April 1, 2010

Laundry Is On My Mind

Laundry is a near and dear subject to every stay at home mom.  We are proud of ourselves IF we ever reach the bottom of a laundry basket, and we revel in its emptiness for 12 minutes until someone puts a towel they wiped up milk with.  (Have you ever uncovered a towel covered in milk?  Your reflex is to cover your mouth with your hand and try to forget how to breathe)  There are some people who seem to enjoy laundering clothing. (who knew there were so many steps to folding socks?)  In my quest to a better laundering experience I found an article in one of my favorite magazines, Simple.  This article was going to change my Tide filled life!


You don’t have enough hours to do all the laundry from start to finish. The fix: Break the process up into small tasks that can be undertaken at different times.
This I knew.  I throw in a load at 7:00 am feeling proud of myself for doing something in addition to wiping up spilled fruit loops and a dirty diaper.  At 7:00 pm I realize that load is still in the washer.  This tip has proved to be too time consuming for me.  It should not take 12 hours to put a wash in the dryer!

With a large family, you lose your entire weekend to laundry.
The fix: Create a schedule that divvies up the work throughout the week, such as sheets on Monday, dark clothes on Tuesday, and lights on Friday.
I tried this.  Towel, milk, remember?

Asking your child to help with the laundry is like talking to a wall.
The fix: Unfortunately, Yo Gabba Gabba! has yet to dedicate an episode to doing the wash, so it’s up to you to teach your kids the basics.
Do children learn anything from Yo Gabba Gabba?  And are there parents that actually allow that acid trip disguised as a children's program into their home?  I'd rather suck on that dried milk towel.

Every time you’re about to toss clothes in the washer, you notice ketchup splotches on shirts and ink marks on jeans.  The fix: Stash a pretreatment product, like Spray ’n Wash ($4, at supermarkets), in or near each hamper.
I'm just grateful if all I have to worry about is non smelling ketchup stains.

The dryer seems to take forever.  The fix: Wash a load, immediately toss stuff in the dryer, and repeat.
This does work very well if you remember the clothes are in the dryer.  I usually forget a load and have to restart it to remove wrinkles from the cold clothes before folding the load.  On average I go through this process 3 times per load.

You can’t get comfortable while folding.
The fix:
Frankly, the most relaxing folding position is lying on the couch and watching your husband do it.
There's nothing I can add to that tip!


queenofphrump said...

Last week I had a three run day. That is a day where you realize you have had to rerun the SAME load in through the wash for the third time because you have forgotten it in the wash too long TWICE before. It was that kind of week.

Jason said...

I honestly don't mind laundry until it comes to the folding and putting away. So I have to do that part in little spurts. Lots of breaks. And, I believe God created my laundry room for the laundry to STAY THERE until it is put away. I hate having laundry strewn across the couch or the bed, acting like it is going to get folded and put away soon.

queenofphrump said...

Jason, you are such a spoiled brat! You haven't done laundry in years........

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