Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Can Buy Discipline

I've been trying to get my body moving.  Besides the never ending movement of folding clothes.  I need my heart rate to rise and my abs to work.  I have tried to walk but it turns into a lovely, but lazy, stroll.  I have several exercise dvd's.  I quickly become bored of watching perky blondes jump around and turn them off before they reach the cool down.

It's also difficult to find the time.  I've set my alarm to wake up early but I always turn it off and snuggle back into the warm sheets.  Should I do it after I take the kids to school?  But the dishes need to be done.  If I do it in the middle of the afternoon I will need a shower and I'll have to get ready for the day again.  Should I do it at night after the kids go to bed?  Forgetta bout it!  Not happening. I lack the discipline.

I was in the best shape of my life when John and I had a gym membership.  It was an awesome gym that had great child care.  I found myself going nearly every day because I wanted to get my money's worth.  I also had a friend I went with and that is great for my motivation.  And I found a class I really liked.  It was so fun!

So, this morning at 5:00 am I dragged myself out of bed, picked up my friend, and we went to Jazzercise!  (Do you like the vintage poster?  Jazz hands, everyone!)  It was a lot of fun!  It wasn't quite as great as the step class I once loved, but my body was moving and pumping.  And although I looked like a fool because I didn't know the steps, my abs did more than lift me out of bed!

It may be sad that I have to pay money to work out.  But I'm working with what I have here.  And I realize that money can buy me discipline.


queenofphrump said...

I hear you girl! I just took a new job which starts in a few weeks and the minute I was offered it I jumped over to the clubhouse (which I pay HOA dues for and should have been using for the last 3 years) and began working out. I am feeling it but pushing through because I have no choice now. Money does buy discipline or the offering of it... in my case. Good luck and do it 60 times before you quit so it will be a habit. Right?

Kira said...

Good on ya for working out...but mostly I am just surprised that some place still has jazzercise classes.

janjanmom said...

I, too, must pay money to have discipline. I don't care though, as of today I am down 19 pounds and I have the beginnings of muscle tone!! You'll be svelte and fit before you know it.

Keep on Jazzercising.

Jason said...

Why don't you walk? Walk with a friend and chat the time away. And you and I can go on long walks when you come to visit! You ARE still coming to visit in May....right?

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