Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Have A Serious Case

of the don't wanna's.

I don't wanna:
do the dishes-
or look at them.
teach my boy the joys of antecedents-
cause I can't say that word.
make my bed-
cause it's snowing and cold and I just wanna climb under the warm covers.
go to the store-
I just want to go shopping without the driving and walking through a cold parking lot.
wash clothing-
I want to wear clothes not wash them. But check this for everything you've ever wanted to know about laundry.
change diapers-
there's nothing to go with that.

1 comment:

Kira said...

Here is how I explain an-ti-see-dents:

Do you remember, on one of the Indiana Jones movies, that Indie has to steal this idol thing, but he has to swap it out with a bag of coins that weighs the exact same amount or else the whole building or whatever will cave in on him?

The idol is the noun. The bag of coins is the pronoun. Once the noun is swapped with the pronoun, the noun turns into the antecedent.

I take two objects, one is the noun, the other is the pronoun. I swap the "noun" for the "pronoun" (making them yell out which is which), then once they are swapped they have to name the "noun" the "antecedent."

It sounds crazy; I know. But it's worked for me (since I am so vastly experienced ;])

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