Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Subway Art

One look at this Subway Art, and I had to have it! Lucky for me, it came with instructions. Only, I decided to use canvas because I'm lazy and I didn't want to cut my own wood. Take my advice and cut the wood. The lettering will not stick to the canvas very well, so I spent a lot of time doing touch-ups. Consequently, there are a lot of mistakes that make me a bit nuts.   But I still like it because it reminds me of the things I want for my home.  My husband laughed at the "clean house."  As I said, it's what I want and not what I always have!


Kira said...

look at you...once again...in all your crafting glory.

very cute stuff.

Jason said...

That's right. It's what you want, not what you always have.

janjanmom said...

You know, crafting isn't enough. Homeschoolers also have to grind wheat and make their own bread.

HEHE. I didn't get a chance to comment the other day and I wanted to tell you I love the way you have considered your son first-not worrying what people might think. For some kids, it is the only way. I just make the rest of my kids homeschool too. The two of you will do great learning together and bonding. ( :

I love the sign. I especially like that it says 'choose the right'. I have been on the right since my first real paycheck.

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