Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mommy's Taking A Time Out!

This morning I ....

fed children breakfast
tackled 3 year old down to the floor and hog tied him so I could get him dressed
took son to school
went to a meeting at the school
took daughter to orthodontist
ran an errand
picked up daughter from appointment
delivered daughter to school
took daughter to school
returned home
cleaned up dog mess (my fault I forgot to let her out this morning)
homeschooled son

And now I have declared a time out for mom and I am currently locked in my room until I can face the world again.

This afternoon:
plan Scouts for this afternoon
clean house
laundry, it's my middle name
feed some children in that time period somewhere
deliver forgotten field trip money to the school
maybe I should eat
entertain Scouts for scout meeting
birthday dinner for brother-in-law
bedtime - yeah!!


Karie said...

aaahhhh, Makes me remember the "good 'ol days"
I wish I had the energy "now" to survive a day like that!

Kira said...

Good night! How exhausting!

David said...

Katrine keep up the good fight. I have thrown in the towel and am off to my pity party. I have wondered away. If you should find me alert me and bring me back. I will be in my office.

Jason said...

You make it seem so easy.

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