Monday, February 8, 2010


It is finally done.  I have found all of the curriculum Cameron will use for homeschool.  However, it is still a work in progress.

Math: Delta level from Math U See

Language Arts, Old World History: Abeka

Science: Flying Creatures Cameron's favorite subject is Science, so we will also use unit studies to study anything that Cameron shows an interest in.

Vocabulary will be pulled from Science and Spelling words.

Spelling:  Various spelling words found from a variety of resources.

Reading:  Cameron will select his own books with my approval.  He has never finished a chapter book from cover to cover.  But in the first two weeks of homeschool, Cameron finished his first chapter book!  Cameron also writes 1-2 sentences everyday on what he read.

Technology:  Cameron is learning to type.  We are using this site to help with the lessons.

Physical Ed:  Cameron wants to take a fencing class.  So, we have found a class to learn to fence.  That's a cool PE class!


Kira said...

My dad used to fence and loved it. I hope Cameron enjoys it.

Jason said...

Well, it sounds like things are off to a good start!

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