Thursday, January 14, 2010

Running For My Life

I recently confessed that I was a big scardy cat.  You would think that having 5 brothers would give me 5 protectors to save me from my fears.  This is hardly the case.  The reality is that there is no greater satisfaction than laughing at your sister as she cowers in fear!

There was a short period of time when I lived with this brother.  I got a job at a nearby Taco Bell with a manager named Angel who deserves a post of his own someday.  After getting off of work at 11:00 at night I started the walk home.  Walking along the quiet street in the dark I began thinking of all the Ted Bundy's out there who could easily overtake my 95 pound body.  Just as I imagined my hands being duck taped behind my back I saw the headlights of a car doing a quick U turn towards me.  I had already decided my weakling arms lacked the strength to fight off an intruder, so I did the only thing I could do.  I made a quick turn and started running and scrambling up a huge dirt pile in a construction sight in the field next to me.  The dirt was loose and just as I started sliding backwards I heard an evil laugh behind me,

"Bwahahahaha.....what are you doing?  Bwahahaha!"

It was Jason who took heart to come pick up his sister instead of leaving her to Ted!  To this day Jason still laughs about it!


Jason said...

Well, I actually forgot about that, but NOW I'm laughing about it again!

You are just so much fun to make fun of and laugh at. In a good way.

Kira said...

Oh man, I would have been terrified too...and I am far more of a woman than a mere did the right thing.

Karie said...

My brothers lived to terrorize me! They made me scared of things I never knew people could be affraid of.

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