Monday, December 7, 2009

Things That Make Me Go "Hmmmmm..."

Why do I think I'm so clever to make frozen dinners only to then forget to defrost them in time for dinner?

Why are my son and his friends running around the house wearing Santa Hats while talking into the end of the hat like it's a walkie talkie?

Why did I go to The Festival Of  Trees and forget to take my camera?

Why won't my son's teacher email me?  Have I scared her away?

How did I forget driving in the snow is so scary?  I made it to my driveway without using 4 wheel drive.  But I had to engage it to make it into my garage.

Why do I have a husband who owns an ATV with a snow plow, but I had to risk the lives of myself and my children to get home because the driveway was covered with snow.

Did you know the satellite dish won't work when it's covered with snow and ice?

I have chocolate chips in the freezer calling out to be made into cookies.  Why am I so lazy even for chocolate?

Those are my thoughts.  I am blessed that those are my most worrisome problems at the time.  What's on your mind?


Jason said...

Interesting thoughts, and these are ones that I would be pondering as well. But you're right....these are your problems right now, and that's a good thing.

Kira said...

It sucks that dish is so cheap yet so unreliable...making me both want to change over and not at the same time. it would be so much easier if it was expensive and unreliable.

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