Thursday, December 17, 2009

Liquid Gold From Arby's

I've had enough (pointless) jobs in my life to know what good customer service is. When I experience bad customer service it puts a bad taste in my mouth like the time I mistook a booger for a chocolate chip.

We rarely go out to eat, but when we do it is usually a king or a Mc in the title. So I was so pleased when all 4 of my children agreed to go to Arby's. It is a rare treat for me to partake of the delicate roast beef instead of a mystery meat patty. I even thought I would go ahead and fork over the extra 29 cents and order the roast beef with cheese. Madison ordered the same and John got the regular roast beef. That's 2 roast beef with cheese and 1 regular for those who are counting, and you need to count to follow this story.

I unwrapped my sandwich to discover no cheese. No problem, this isn't my first experience with fast food, so I picked up my receipt and headed to the counter to kindly ask for a new sandwich with cheese. I thought it was a little strange when 2 employees closely inspected my receipt. But whatever, I'm an honest girl. I watched as the nice girl walked to the back of the kitchen and talked to a co-worker. I shall call this co-worker "Headless With Attitude" because I could never actually see her head because she was standing behind a low hanging counter.

This was their conversation:

Nice Girl: This lady didn't get the roast beef with cheese.
Headless With Attitude: She didn't order a roast beef with cheese. (insert snotty tone)
Nice Girl:She did, I saw her receipt. (insert timid tone. clearly nice girl has had run ins with headless with attitude)
Headless With Attitude: No she didn't!
Nice Girl: Um. Yeah. I.... well, she ordered one regular roast beef and 2 roast beef's with cheese but she only got one with cheese.
Headless Girl With Attitude Well, I made her 2 roast beef's with cheese! (she was very loud, thus the need for the exclamation point.)
I can't believe how ridiculous this is. First, I realize other people lie but I don't so give me the benefit of the doubt. Second, here's my little receipt. Third, I can't stand rude people like headless. And fourth, it's cheese not liquid gold! Slap my 29 cents worth of cheese on the roast beef and call it good!
Me:Excuse me, you did not make me 2 roast beef's with cheese.

Nothing else was said but I watched as Headless made 3 other sandwiches before mine. She slammed everything down, knocked over objects, and threw the sandwiches down onto the food tray just to show she was angry at the injustice of having somebody correct her work. Finally she slapped my sandwich together and threw it down the food chute. If I hadn't watched her make the sandwich I wouldn't have eaten it because I'm sure she would have spit upon it.

Nice girl handed me my sandwich with an apology. I said loudly so headless could hear me, "Is she seriously mad about this?"
Nice girl rolled her eyes and said, "She....just...don't worry about it."

I hope Headless With Attitude finds some happiness in her life. At the very least a new job. And I hope Nice Girl can get a spine. At the very least a new co-worker.


Kira said...

Sorry. The Arby's by our house is fantastic, in fact, Paul and I always leave commenting about how great the customer service is. There is one of those "Ring If You Received Great Customer Service" bells at the door, and we ring it every time we leave, and all the employees yell back "Thank you!" I love it.

queenofphrump said...

Um, her name is Wendy and she just moved here from Austin. She isn't having "a happy period."

Jason said...

Sounds like someone is taking their job way too seriously!

I want to go to Paul and Kira's Arby's.

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