Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Watch Him!

I must tell people to  "Watch him!" several times a day.   This means keep a close eye on Devin because the wild thing will be jumping off tall objects and sticking fingers into body parts and slimy things.  He is very unpredictable!

On Friday afternoon Madison and I were shopping when I got a call from John.  "Devin's locked me out of the house and I don't have a key."  When we moved into our new house John made 4 copies of our house key.  I put the keys in a drawer so we wouldn't lose them.  And stupidly, neither of us bothered to put one of the keys on our key chains.

John tried all doors to the house without luck.  He could see Devin through the glass on the french doors.  The dead bolt was locked but the door knob lock was not.  He pleaded with Devin to turn the dead bolt lock.  He turned the lock on the door knob so both locks were secure!

John ended up calling the locksmith and after 1 hour and $50 John was able to get back into his own house.

Saturday night I had to go pick up Madison at a friend's house.  The older boys were in bed and Devin was laying in bed with John.  When I returned John remained in bed and Devin was gone.  When questioned John sleepily answered that he didn't know where Devin was.  This could be bad!  I went upstairs and Devin wasn't in his bed.  Or in his brothers beds.  Or under anything or laying on the floor.  I looked everywhere without finding him.  I checked the doors and knew he hadn't gone outside because the doors were locked from the inside.  But I began to panic because no one was watching him!

During the third sweep of the house I heard it.  Deep breathing.  I switched on the light to the mud room.  And there he was.  Sleeping like a baby on the bench.  I had actually been past him twice.  Once when I came home and once when I checked the lock on the door.  He was waiting for me to come home and fell asleep.




queenofphrump said...

Oh, how I know this feeling well. Can we help it if they love us best and miss us when we are gone? NO we can't. I am glad all is safe at your house. Love you guys!

Jason said...

That is so sweet and so scary! What a cute little guy he is.

McCall said...

Fun catching up on your blog. I can't believe Devin locked John out of the house.....how funny (now that it is over, of course). And he is too cute sleeping in the mud room. I want to kiss him! Enjoy your first Thanksgiving back in Utah! Where are you spending the day?

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