Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Can Cook Like The Pioneer Woman

Do you read Confessions of a Pioneer Woman?  If you don't you are the only one.  I love Ree!  She has no clue who I am.  But in my delusional world she is my bestest friend.  In that world Ree would invite me to her Ranch to serve me dinner and pet Charlie while our boys run amongst the cattle.

Recently Ree came to Salt Lake City for a book signing for her cookbook.  I had plans to go because I know the minute Ree saw me she would recognize me as a kindred spirit and she would want to feed me.  But my plans changed when I realized Madison had a church activity for parents.  So, dang it, I have my priorities straight and spent the night with my beautiful daughter instead of my bestest friend, Ree.  She missed me.  I know it.

My man bought me Ree's cookbook for an anniversary gift.  I must say it is the most beautiful cookbook I have ever had!  I had an epiphony that I would do a Julia and Julia Project thing on my blog.   Excitedly, I imagined the delicious food I would make and the pictures I would take of it for my blog.  Thankfully, I came to my senses and realized how I would totally humiliate myself by putting a picture of my food when Ree takes amazing pictures of her food.  Nice save, no?

But I have been making her food.  It is delicious and simple.  I enjoy simple.  I enjoy delicious.

The first recipe I made was Chicken Spaghetti.  Like Ree's husband, my husband will not eat casseroles.  I have been known to dump a casserole into a pan so my husband doesn't realize he's eating casserole.  Ssshhh, don't tell. But Ree's husband likes Chicken Spaghetti so I thought there was a chance my husband would partake of this dish. And guess what, the only casserole my husband will eat is Chicken Spaghetti!

I have made Chicken Spaghetti before and no one would eat it, including the cook.  But The Pioneer Woman never does you wrong and  this dish was a success!  I think the secret was the broth in this recipe.  It keeps it the pasta moist.  Next time I will add more spices.  It's not Ree's fault because on Step #13 she wrote, "Stir together well, then taste to check the seasonings."  I didn't test and now I know to always listen to the Pioneer Woman!

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