Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Give Thanks

I am one of a kind.  My ideas are always original.  I always make my own designs and patterns.  NOT!  I am creative, but that's because I am a big fat copycat!  I have no shame.

So, I had to make burlap pillows like everyone else.  I think it turned out cute!

I used the instructions on  UCreate.  My pillow measures 12" x 32" with a 2" fringe.  There are instructions for making a stencil for the letters.  But I just used a stencil I have purchased from Hobby Lobby.

Today I am giving thanks for the mountain I live on.  Seriously, look at this view!  I am blessed!


1 comment:

Jason said...

Who knew it was cool to make burlap pillows? I had no idea. None. I'm so out of it.

Wait a second. Is this a homemaking thing?

I love your view, too.

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