Thursday, November 12, 2009

Braces For The Girl

It began about 8 weeks ago with a retainer.  See, the gap between her teeth?  It took several weeks and a lot of Advil to get that gap.  The dentist says the gap is a good thing, but Madison doesn't see it that way.


And after an hour in the dentist chair we have this:


Madison and I have made it a tradition to listen to Dental Care by Owl City when we make the trips to the orthodontist.  This song makes us laugh!  Good times!


Jason said...

YAY! Worth every single penny and every single bit of discomfort.

Karie said...

Kira loves gaps.....she always tells us how sexy they are!

Karie said...

Maddy is so stinking cute!!!! Her eyes are beautiful!!

Unknown said...

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