Thursday, October 8, 2009

Missing Him

I found this poem written by someone named Jordan.  This poem expresses what I feel deep within my heart.
The way i feel when i think of you,
This feeling is unbearable ,
I just break down and cry.
I need you now more then ever.

Please, please, my dear computer, come back to me from the repair center soon!


Dan said...

I thought maybe you were talking about John...or one of you're boys....but the computer?!

Kira said...

I get it, Katrine. I hear ya.

Jason said...

Oh, this just breaks my heart.

Do Not Miss: Inspiring Edition « Squibs and Crackers said...

[...] My computer has returned!  Unfortunately I can’t use it yet because of technical difficulties that shall be repaired upon the return of my live in computer genious.  Unfortunately it only helps if you have a computer genious at home if he is in fact, at home. [...]

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