Thursday, September 17, 2009

You Are Invited To Cameron's Lego & Bionicle Party!

Cameron 11th b-day 079Cameron turned 11 on the 11th!  He wanted to have a Lego and Bionicle Party.  The invitations were made using the Bionicle Alphabet.  The decoder was found on the inside of the invitation.

Cameron 11th b-day 063We had a mega stack of legos greeting the guests.  We just made this wrapping large boxes and gluing the round pieces on top which were made out of toilet paper rolls.  We also used lego colored gift bags, paper plates, napkins, and table cloths.

Cameron 11th b-day 069As we waited for everyone they guessed how many legos were in a jar.  The winner won a candy bar.  They then played with legos until it was time to begin the games.

We had several games that I found from this website.  But truthfully, the boys just wanted to run around and play.

Cameron 11th b-day 057

We also had a lego shaped pinata I made.  I had taken a picture of the pinata, but Devin found my camera and managed to delete several photos and taking 48 pictures of this: Nice.

Cameron 11th b-day 067And guess what the cake looked like?  A lego, of course!  It's a 9 1/2 x 11" cake with cupcakes on top.  I colored fondant red and wrapped it around the cake to give it the smooth finish.

Cameron said this was the best party he's ever had!  Success!  Happy Birthday my Cameron!

Cameron 11th b-day 075


Jason said...

Wait, you invited me and then didn't even wait for me to show up!

Looks like he had a good time. Cool cake, crafty Catrine.

Kira said...

Adorable golden birthday celebration! He looks so happy in those pictures.

McCall said...

Looks like a successful party! Your wrapped legos turned out way better than my painted legos from Colton's party a few years ago!

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