Monday, September 21, 2009

Forcefull Scouting

075Yes, I have become that mother.  The mom that forces her son to participate in scouting.  I am not one of those that believe Scouting will turn my sons into men that will become President of the United States.  I don't feel my son must be an Eagle Scout before he can get his drivers license.  And I certainly don't believe that the path to eternal glory is paved with merit badges.

I feel that everyone must experience new things in order to grow.  Many times that means doing things that are uncomfortable.  If Cameron were allowed to he would never leave our house.  Cameron is happy to do nothing.  And I refuse to let my child stunt his growth by not living.  Not experiencing life.  And until something better comes along that something is scouts.  Every week it is a battle.  I force him to go to scouts with screaming, temper tantrums, and anger from both of us.

So, I second guess myself every week.  Is this the right thing to do?  Am I damaging this future man?

And then I see him in the actions at the scout meetings as he laughs, plays, works, and makes friends.  When I see Cameron's chest swell in pride when he wins pinewood derby and earn his badges I feel that I have made the right choice.

Until next week when I am pushing him out the door.


Kira said...

I think parents who force their kids to play piano have the same stress, but for the most part, I think the kids are grateful their parents went through the misery of forcing them to do something hard, because now they have those kids have skills that help them in things that far exceed the bounds of mere piano playing.

Eden said...

I totally understand what you're going through. And for the most part, I've stopped forcing Princess1 - but that's because her activity was dance. She wanted to go but then would spend most of the dance class standing by me, tucking her head in. So we stopped and I refuse to take her this year.

The one area I haven't stopped pupshing though is every day she tells me she does not want to go to school. But once she's there she has fun and is happy. I don't think the the teachers and counselor from last year believed me that it was a fight every day to get her to go because they always saw her happy. She's better this year but I'm trying to figure out the actual reason she says she doesn't want to go. And if I can figure that out, maybe it won't be a fight anymore.

We're trying girl scouts this year and I really hope we don't have the same experience as you are having with scouts. Like you, I want her to gain new experience and knowledge in areas outside of my talents.

Jason said...

If our parents and just sat me down and said, "Jason, you don't have to go to scouts. It's fine with us," my ENTIRE CHILDHOOD would have been SO much happier.

Just sayin'.

Maybe you can find some alternative activities that he enjoys more.

Jason said...

I've been thinking about this some more.

Don't try to make him be something he isn't.

Speaking from experience.

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