Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Day Of School

I felt a little sad thinking about school starting again.  I would miss the lazy days of summer.  I would miss my children.  But when the day fnally came I was so happy to send them on their way to new adventures!


Cameron and Ethan started a new school this year.  They have to wear uniforms.  In my opinion school uniforms are the best idea next to potato chips and french onion dip!  It is not my idea of fun to drag my boys from store to store and force persuad them to try on multiple shirts and pants.  This year we went to one store tried on a few things to find the correct sizes and then I bought four pairs of pants and shirts for both of them.  I was done with school shopping in less than 45 minutes!  Bliss!


Jason said...

They look so happy. It must be the uniforms!

I like the idea of uniforms, too.

Kira said...

That was me...sorry...not Paul

Paul said...

Look at those sharp and clean boys.

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