Friday, August 28, 2009

Utah Has An Island

Who would have thought that this state surrounded by land has an island? That's right, we have an island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. Long ago this island had a ranch. Now antelope and buffalo live here, and people in Utah who have nothing else to do go visit. Seriously, this is the second time we've been there and we had a good time.


The family standing in front of the ranch's root cellar.  As you can tell by the coats, it is cold in Utah!  But when you take a long blogging break you don't write about events that happened in March until August.


A little photo shoot for the teenager.


The toddler wanted to be part of teenager's photo shoot.


Quit hitting me chicken!  (private joke, sorry)


A little studying by the light of oil lamps.  Did you know they had bic pens back when they used kerosene for light?


Cameron trying to warm himself with the wood burning stove.  My Dad insists that heating homes is most efficient with a wood burning stove.  And that is why my brothers, their wives, and I spent some time chopping and stacking wood for my Dad last weekend.  Seriously, Dad, it's 2009!


By the end of our island tour we were cold.  Really cold.  So 3 of 4 of my children hid in the SUV with me while my brave Ethan climbed to the top of the island with my man.  Here he is on top of the world!


Kira said...

Don't think your joke is so inside. If you lived within a 20 mile radius of Utah county between 1970 and 2000, you know the chicken man.

Paul said...

Now I am confused why you didn't know that the body of water off of I-15 going to Idaho is the great salt lake.

Jason said...

I always wanted to visit Antelope Island but my parents never afforded me such opportunities. YAY for you guys!

Karie said...

Kira's reletives lived on and ran antelope island back in the pioneer days old Bringham put them out there. I got the chicken joke was always kind-of disturbing with that old man hitting himself and others with the rubber chicken.

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