Thursday, June 11, 2009

She's Fifteen

009My beautiful Madison turned 15 this last Sunday.  Wow.  15.  I'm having a surprisingly difficult time with this age.  I told her this evening that I didn't want her to turn 18 because she would move away.  Maddie reassured me that it was 3 entire years away.  But you see, that's not helpful.  The past 15 years have felt like 3 years.

I'm not done with her yet!

I still need to teach her how important prayer is.
I need to teach her how to cook better so she won't live off top ramen.
We need to go to more movies.
In a year she will get her drivers license.
Boys are not going to "complete" her.
Forgiveness is always worth the effort.

I'm not done with her yet.


Dan said...

Yes Maddie is too beautiful, and in 5 years you could be a grandma, because that's how old you were when you had her. How cool is that?!
Happy Birthday Maddie

Katrine said...

Daniel, that is so not helpful! I am in a complete panic!

grandma j said...

She is so pretty! Happy Birthday!

Kira said...

Eh. I say just quit. She is a great girl and seems to be doing fine. Just let her figure the rest out on her own. ;D

Paul said...

I think she got a job so when she does turn 16 she can get a car. If she has a car then the last three years you have her she wont even be home. On the bright side, at least you still have her at home. At her age I moved away and started paying rent.

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